Wesley Weekly #0.5: The Preview

Hello hello! This is the pre-installment of the Wesley Foundation’s new weekly newsletter. It will be published both here and on the social media pages, so if you go and like and follow our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter pages you’ll never miss out!

Normally, this will contain any information we need to share with you about our meetings, any special events we’ll be doing, and anything else we plan on adding to the newsletter. If you have any special requests for sections to be added, let us know!

This Week

This Thursday at Wesley, we’ll be having our semester kickoff! Here is a word from our Executive Director Jim on the topic:

We’ll be discussing themes, meeting times, and other such housekeeping information. If you’re interested in joining that chat, send us a note in any way you want to get hold of us to let us know you’re interested!

Prayers and Concerns

This will be our section for any sort of things you want to bring to the community’s attention. You can submit this information through any of our channels and it will be included in our next newsletter.

Student Thoughts

This will be the section where we publish your work (but only with your permission). Anything you want to submit, we’ll be happy to publish in this section of the newsletter.

Well, that’s all from us for this week. We’re looking forward to hearing your inputs on this!


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