Wesley Weekly #6: The End is Nigh!

Have you ever noticed that if you stare at a word for long enough, it doesn’t look like a word anymore?

Welcome back to Wesley Weekly! We’re glad you chose to stop in! Say hi in the comments, if you want!

What You May Have Missed…

Last week during our Thursday meeting, we spent some more time talking about religious fundamentalism and what that looks like in our society today. Where do you see fundamentalism in the world? How do you react to it? Let us know in the comments!

This Week

This week, we’ll be talking about… The End Times! *insert dramatic hamster on the left* Our discussion from last week created an interest in learning what fundamentalists count as signs of the end of the world. We plan on visiting that topic this week and discussing exactly how different things could mean that the Rapture is coming soon, at least in some interpretations. If you’re interested in learning about this, send us a message or contact us on social media!

Prayers and Concerns

We continue to wish for the best of all of our students during this difficult time. Please, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need or want support.

If there is anything you would like the community to pray for, send us a message, or reach out to us on our social media pages.

Student Thoughts

In lieu of a student piece, I figured we could have an appreciation post. If you have or you would like to write a piece for us, please let us know!

As one of the student employees here at the MSU Wesley Foundation, I want to thank everyone who reads our newsletters and interacts with our social media posts. I know that sometimes they can get lengthy and they aren’t always as funny as we would like to think they are. We spend quite a bit of time putting these together every week, so every view is appreciated and helps us reach more people.

We know that what we’ve been doing for the past couple months is quite different from how MSU Wesley used to be. We’ve revamped the WordPress website, updated our group norms, and a slew of other things that may or may not be to everyone’s taste. We appreciate the people who have supported us through this and new people who’ve joined us recently. Without all of you, we wouldn’t have a reason to do what we do.

If you’re a college aged person who’s been coming to our meetings in the past few months, we want to thank you for that. We are so grateful for your participation and we hope that you’ve been enjoying your time with us. You spend your Thursday nights with us, talking about anything from the Bible, to our favorite horror movies, to weird “Christian” fanfictions that we’ve stumbled upon.

If you’re an outside adult who has been supporting us, we want to thank you too. Whether that’s through donations, sharing our posts on social media, or any other means of support, we appreciate it. If you know any college aged students who might be interested in joining us, tell them this next section is for them.

If you’re a college aged person who’s seen our posts and has considered coming for a meeting or you’ve been recommended here by someone else, consider this your formal invitation to join us. We’ve even included an actual invitation.

Thank you again for your continued support of our group, we can’t wait to grow more with you!

That’s all for this week’s edition of Wesley Weekly! Don’t forget to like and follow our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter pages so you’ll never miss out!

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