Wesley Weekly #8: It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

And I feel fine.

Welcome back to Wesley Weekly! We hope that you’re doing well this week. Make sure to take some time to care for yourself if you haven’t.

What You May Have Missed…

Last week during our Thursday meeting, we watched the movie Dark Dungeons, which you can find for free on YouTube. As a group of people who play Dungeons and Dragons, we had a great time critiquing the movie and how it represented tabletop games.

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This Week

This week, we’ll be continuing to talk about eschatology. Tell us what you think about the end times in the comments, we want to hear from you! If you’re interested in joining us, send us a message to get the link to the Zoom call!

Prayers and Concerns

We continue to wish for the best of all of our students during this difficult time. Please, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need or want support.

Today is Election day! Make sure you vote if you haven’t, and take care of yourselves. This is a stressful time.

If there is anything you would like the community to pray for, send us a message, or reach out to us on our social media pages.

Student Thoughts

This week, I did a bit of research inside of our group. Given our chats about the end times and whatnot, I thought I would delve into their thoughts on the best apocalypse to be a part of.

Question: What kind of apocalypse would you want to be in? Zombie, nuclear, etc.?

Answers: The range of answers was quite surprising. While I did get some of the traditional ones, like zombies, I also got a few more interesting answers.

Here are some of the answers from our group members:

“Robot apocalypse. AI gets too smart and tries to dominate/destroy humanity. Sure, it’s not pretty, but there’s no fallout/disease to worry about and no worry that you’ll become one of them. Get a baseball bat for the androids and prepare to hack the mainframe! Afterwards, there are less humans, sure, but the remaining can rebuild from the ruins, using laptops as doorstops.”

“Probs zombies, nuclear I’d probably get killed by one of the blasts. I like the apocalypses where people uncover something they shouldn’t have otherwise.”

“Zombie probably, at least they’re dumb and easy to kill”

“Reign of Fire? If I’m going to die by anything, death by dragon is one of the coolest. Nerd until the end.”

“Is apocalyptic revolution an option? If not, probably zombie because I see the greatest chance of survival in that.” When told that any type of apocalypse is an option, “Bring on the revolutionary socialism.”

“It depends on the type of zombie, is this like World War Z, or are they slow zombies? If they’re slow I might survive. If they’re fast, I think I’d have a better chance surviving the nuclear apocalypse.”

I found these results pretty interesting. I hadn’t really given some of the proposed apocalypses a thought. Let us know what you think in the comments.

That’s all for this week’s edition of Wesley Weekly! Don’t forget to like and follow our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter pages so you’ll never miss out!

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