Wesley Weekly #25 – Arguments Against Faith

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Wesley at MSU. We are starting a new and fascinating series this week, so buckle up!

What You May Have Missed…

Last week we finished our discussion on Capitalism, Socialism, and the Christian Faith. We took a very sobering look at the current financial and economic crisis that many Americans are facing, and discussed what this means for us, and what we need to do to make change.

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This Week

This week we are starting our series on examining some of the best arguments against religious belief. By analyzing critiques and criticisms of a worldview or belief system that we hold is a necessary part of understanding that system better. If you’re interested in joining us, send us a message to get the link to the Zoom call!

Prayers and Concerns

We continue to pray for students and faculty who have to navigate college in new environments during these stressful times.

If there is anything you would like the community to pray for, send us a message, or reach out to us on our social media pages. Know that you’re not alone.

Director’s Spotlight – Friedrich Schleiermacher

“Religion is the outcome neither of the fear of death, nor of the fear of God. It answers a deep need in man. It is neither a metaphysic, nor a morality, but above all and essentially an intuition and a feeling…Similarly belief in God, and in personal immortality, are not necessarily a part of religion; one can conceive of a religion without God, and it would be pure contemplation of the universe; the desire for personal immortality seems rather to show a lack of religion, since religion assumes a desire to lose oneself in the infinite, rather than to preserve one’s own finite self.” Addresses on Religion, 1799

Friedrich Schleiermacher, often touted as the father of both Christian Romanticism and Liberal Theology, focused a lot of his theological emphasis on “feeling” or “intuition”. “Feeling” in this way is not simple sensations, but a deep understanding of our connection and relationship as finite beings to an infinite one.

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