Wesley Weekly #28: Cosmological Argument

Welcome back to the Wesley Weekly! We’re glad you’re here!

What You May Have Missed…

Last week we discussed more arguments for and against religious beliefs. This was an interesting discussion and we discussed some arguments about how all things could come into existence without some greater thing creating all of it.

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This Week

This Thursday, we are continuing our discussions about the arguments for and against religion, specifically spending time on the Cosmological argument. If you’re interested in joining us, send us a message to get the link to the Zoom call!

Prayers and Concerns

If there is anything you would like the community to pray for, send us a message, or reach out to us on our social media pages.

Student Thoughts

Q: “What is your favorite conspiracy theory?”

A: “The faking of the moon landing. It makes me feel better about my lack of accomplishment.”

A: “Moon is an egg.”

A: “Lizard people. I think it’s hilarious.”

A: “Birds are government drones.”

A: “The only place that’s real is Michigan, everywhere else is the matrix.”

A: “I second the Lizard People.”

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