Wesley Weekly #38: Gender Identity Cont.

Welcome back to the Weekly Update from Wesley at Michigan State University!

All of our discussion topics are student generated, and our students this semester aren’t pulling any punches, so let’s jump in to see what is happening this week!

What you may have missed…

Last week we discussed the Gender as a spectrum and examined responses to it, specifically religious ones.

We have a policy as a group that if we do not adequately finish a discussion one week, we will pick it up again the next.

This Week

This week we are continuing with our discussion. Specifically looking further into religious and philosophical support for the gender spectrum.

From our discussion last week, we laid a pretty strong foundation regarding sex, gender, and social representation. It is important to have this foundation if we are going to be able to properly examine what supports and responses can properly reflect this important facet of our society.

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Prayers and Concerns

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If you have something you would like to write for us, or interesting questions you would like to ask us, send us a message on any of our social media or on our contacts page!

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