Wesley Weekly #42 – Religious Cultural Identities

Hello Everyone, and Welcome Back to Wesley at MSU!

We’re continuing on with our weekly discussions on our over all theme of progress. So stick around to see what we’re nit picking at this week!

What you may have missed…

Last week we examined the changes in moral and ethical perspectives throughout modern generations, starting from the Greatest Generation, through the up and coming Alpha Generation.

We looked how the defining events of each generation, and the progress they made caused residual changes to each subsequent generation.

This Week

This week we are examining how religion both creates and influences cultural identities. Religion is fundamental to the development and progress of human culture, but it also subtly influences much of how people interpret and engage with the world.

That identity is powerful enough to cause strong and at times aggressive reactions to the events in people’s lives. As such, understanding this relationship between religion and culture is crucial in our continued battle for progress.

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Prayers and Concerns

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