Wesley Weekly #36: LGBT Rights and Religious Responses

Welcome back to Wesley this week where we are jumping into our first full discussion for the semester. We’re excited to begin tackling relevant issues again, so stick around to see what’s on this week. What you may have missed… Last week we finished our discussion on developing the themes and content for this semesterContinue reading “Wesley Weekly #36: LGBT Rights and Religious Responses”

Wesley Weekly #35: New Semester, New Discussions!

Welcome back to Wesley. It is a new semester and we are just relaunching with a mostly new crew of students. Stick around to see what we are discussing this semester, it’s going to be a good one. What to do? At the start of each semester we sit down and talk about the relevantContinue reading “Wesley Weekly #35: New Semester, New Discussions!”

Wesley Launch Day!

Weeeee! “Open, Accepting, Affirming” Wesley at MSU is a group open to all who want an incredible and supportive community with great discussions and expert nerd energy. We are LGBTQ+ fierce advocates meaning any hateful speech or intolerance towards others will not be accepted. Free Taco Night! Tonight is our Free Taco Night launch eventContinue reading “Wesley Launch Day!”

Wesley: Summer Break

Welcome back to Wesley at MSU. We’re going to be entering our summer schedule. Stick around and we’ll go into the summer details. What You May Have Missed… Last week we finished our discussions on Philosophy of Religion, specifically looking at arguments for and against religious belief. In the end, we discussed prioritizing love inContinue reading “Wesley: Summer Break”

Wesley Weekly #31: The Ontological Argument

What is a perfect being? Welcome back to Wesley at MSU! It’s always great to have you here and update you on what we’re going to be discussing this week. What You May Have Missed… We finished looking at the problem of evil last week. This argument against religious belief is still a very popularContinue reading “Wesley Weekly #31: The Ontological Argument”

Wesley Weekly #29: Cosmological Argument Cont.

Welcome back to Wesley at MSU! It’s always great to have you here! What You May Have Missed… Last week we began to continue to examine the Cosmological Argument for religious belief: Everything that begins to exist has a cause. The universe began to exist. The universe has a cause. We also began to unpackContinue reading “Wesley Weekly #29: Cosmological Argument Cont.”

Wesley Weekly #27: Divinity or Delusion?

Food for thought… Welcome back to Wesley at MSU! After spending a low key week to recover during mid-terms, we are back at it! What you may have missed… You missed nothing but some good hanging out. The MSU Wesley Foundation has restructured our Patreon page and we would be grateful if you would checkContinue reading “Wesley Weekly #27: Divinity or Delusion?”

Wesley Weekly #25 – Arguments Against Faith

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Wesley at MSU. We are starting a new and fascinating series this week, so buckle up! What You May Have Missed… Last week we finished our discussion on Capitalism, Socialism, and the Christian Faith. We took a very sobering look at the current financial and economic crisis that many AmericansContinue reading “Wesley Weekly #25 – Arguments Against Faith”